My Favorite Lens for a South African Photo Safari: my Canon 70 – 200 mm f2.8

While on safari I like to keep my equipment streamlined and light.  Over many years photographing in South Africa, my Canon 70 – 200mm f2.8 has taken the bulk of my wildlife images.

Cinebags on safari
One of my camera bags ready for safari
Lenses for South Africa Safari
My 70 – 200mm lens at work

My next Group Photo Safaris

The 70 – 200 is one of the most poplar lenses on the market. It offers great quality at a good price.  In South Africa the wildlife tends to be closer and many of the subjects will be in range of this lens.  I also add a +1.4x or +2.0x teleconverter.  My 2nd camera body is rigged with a 300mm lens to get those large herds and distance shots in Kruger National Park.   Birding would be the only reason I would consider packing a longer lens.  In fact, if I had to choose just one lens for a safari, it would be my 70 – 200.

I also love working with this lens because of its reasonable weight (1.7 lbs) which together with my medium weight 5D MK3 allows me to hand hold if I need to.  In safari vehicles I a monopod as support.

I have combed through my collection of safari photos and pulled out this range of photos all taken with my beloved Canon 70 – 200mm

leopard tail
Detail of a leopard tail
Mature elephant breaks apart a stick to get tasty bits
zebra fight
zebra fight
leopard in a tree
A leopard bounds up a tree shaking loose leaves
Giraffe in south Africa
Giraffe with typical South African Savannah in the background
Lion photography
lion cub plays in the afternoon light
hyena cubs
Hyena cubs
lion cubs
Lion cubs play while mother and aunt watch
female lions greet each other
lion in the grass
Juvenile lion makes for a nice textured image
white rhino
Baby white rhino with mother
cheetah cubs in south Africa
Cheetah cubs
Greater Kudu feeding
Canon 70 - 200 for safari
Elephants in Kruger
Cheetah photo safari
a cheetah turns its back to us in typical cat fashion, but gives a short glance back
safari lens recommendation
Young elephant and mother enjoying the water
Fleeing impala

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