The Story of Africa Wild Safaris

There is a story behind every great endeavor

Here is Our Story

We built a safari lodge in order to offer personal, authentic, wildlife filled safaris for those who love being around wildlife either with or without a camera

Africa Wild Safaris Blog

The story of Africa Wild Safaris started in 2005 when we took our first  safari in the Kruger area of South Africa.  It was not an ordinary safari: the host and guide was a friend who owned a small safari lodge.  From the first day of safari, as a photographers , we were hooked and passionate about the conservation of this area. We were already hosting specialty travel adventures for underwater photographs. It was easy to see that  a safari was a good match to what our underwater photographers liked: a wildlife filled experience with authenticity and unique travel experiences.

When we added the safaris, the goal was to replicate the feeling of that first safari; the surprise, wonder, learning, and most importantly the feeling of being hosted by friends.  The proximity to Kruger National Park and numerous private reserves ensured that quality of wildlife encounters and number of activities would never be a problem.

After just two years, we went all in and built our own property so we could give our guest the ultimate personal safari experience. Now we have our own small safari lodge right next door to those friends who first introduced us to the magic.

A safari lodge was the perfect match for us: I am a photographer, wildlife biologist with ranger experience and an accomplished builder. Karen is our business manager  and adds advanced photo and video processing skills.  In the beginning the lodge was just a beautiful piece of property but it has continued to grow each year into a mature lodge with 4 tree houses and plenty of untouched wild space preserved around it for our resident species. 

The lodge and safaris have grown up together over the years. We have selected the best educational, conservation minded, and wildlife filled activities in the area.  Seeing big cats is important to guests so the safaris evolved to  also include a stay in the famous Sabi Sands Wildlife Reserve; the best location to see leopards.  We have also added a stay at a private house with a ground level photo hide.

We have remained committed to the same area and work with the same guides, owners, and national parks since we  started. Together with our private nature reserve neighbors, we work to restore the habitat surrounding the lodge according to national standards. The goal is to drop fences and become part of the Greater Kruger Area: private lands which expand the park area for wildlife migration.

We  split our time between living the USA and South Africa and still offer a full schedule of underwater photography, bear,  and safari trips.  We continue our commitment to showing guests what we feel is the best places in South Africa and the Kruger area.

Come to South Africa with us and let us show you the magic.