Favorite Photography Moments from my September 2021 Safaris

elephants at sunset

Amidst continuing uncertainty, I hosted a very successful safari for a small group wonderful people, some of whom had been cancelled and rebooked several times during the pandemic. I am so happy they made the trip and that I could share this wonderful season for wildlife with them. They should be pleased with variety and quality of wildlife encounters.

These are favorite moments with wildlife that stood out for me.

Cute Baby Predators

Not much to say here; just that I am in awe every time with the skill of the wildlife mothers to raise their young is a hostel environment. We are so lucky to have these wonderful places to visit and see these young predators as they are learning their skills.

lion cubs
cute baby leopard walks with mother


leopard cub up a tree
mother and lion cubs
baby hyena


Giraffes will always brighten your day and bring a smile. They have so much charisma that I have not met a guest yet who does not like to spend as much time as possible with giraffe. We had many wonderful giraffe moments including our favorite giraffe who visits our lodge and stands by the swimming pool. This morning in Kruger we were greeting at sunrise by a giraffe family.

giraffe mother and baby
cute baby giraffe
male giraffe with battle scars

An Uncommon Encounter

I enjoy the wildlife I do not see too often and try to impart on the guests why the encounter is special. Often it is because of the vital role the animal plays in the ecosystem. Sometimes we are surprised to see unusual behavior that none of us has ever seen displayed before. This happened on a few occasions this year.

honey badger
What is so unusual here is that the honey badgers are staying still long enough to get pictures
kori bustard
A female kori bustard was walking with a male when another male showed up in full display
kori bustard display
This male kori bustard crossed the street in front of us in full display scaring away the competition.
Impala at sunset
catching an impala in the right place at the right time.
This male elephant was very curious and tried to reach inside of our vehicle. Thanks to our skilled guide, he was able to read when it was time to leave the elephant before it became unsafe
dwarf mongoose
dwarf mongoose warm up outside the burrow

If you would like to see wildlife up close and in there natural habitat like these, please join me on a safari in South Africa. See my website for my current schedule. https://photographafrica.com/